Powder Keg

Powder Keg
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NO EXISTING product like it in the marketplace.


POWDER KEGS are a set of four interlocking, stackable measured cups with an interlocking funnel on top.


POWDER KEGS are easy to carry pre and post workout powder mix carrier. Each container has two primary measurement indicators of 33cc and 77cc to support your workout needs. JUST FILL, TWIST, and POUR. You no longer have to carry those large protein jugs or plastic bags to the gym. It is also great when you're on the road. Just connect the needed amount of kegs and you're on your way. If needed, the kegs can also hold your pills.


POWDER KEGS are made out of polypropylene and are BPA / DEHP free


EASY to use


EASY to clean-sanitary: reusable and dishwasher safe


AVOIDS messy powder spills


AVOIDS powder mis-measurements

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